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Swapp’s Weekly Round-Up For The Week of October 18th, 2021

The world of cryptocurrency moves fast, and there are dozens of stories published every day. Keeping up with all of it would be a full-time job! So, we’ve decided to keep an eye out for what we feel are the most relevant, interesting, or fun crypto and crypto-adjacent stories and provide our readers with a weekly round-up. This is your round-up for the week beginning Monday, October 18th, 2021.

Things move fast in Swapp too! Here’s a little taste of our weekly happenings.

Swapp News

Meme contest

We are halfway there! We will be kicking off the month with the completion of the Meme contest on November 1!  With thousands of impressions and dozens of submissions, we’re going to have a hard time picking the top 10!Join us on November 1st on our Discord channel, for the meme contest wrap-up event.  At this event, community members will have a chance to vote on the top 10 submissions, hang out with the Swapp Team, and win some prizes!We hope you’ve been enjoying the contest, and the Swapp Team has been amazed by your creativity so far.  

Swapp App Beta Testing is Live  

Swapp App Beta testing is live.  The Swapp Team has been actively working alongside our 100 community Beta Test winners.  Through this process, the team has been exposing/fixing any bugs, as well as improving the user interface and the user experience.  We are proud to announce that no major issues have been found in testing, and the public Swapp App release is still set to occur on November 5th, less than 2 weeks away!

WhiteBIT Listing

As of today, October 25th, Swapp is officially listed on WhiteBIT, a European centralized exchange.  WhiteBIT launched in 2018, and offers crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto transactions, with trading fees as low as 0.1%.WhiteBIT is an active crypto trading platform with over 730 Million in volume over the past 24 hours alone.  There are roughly 150 crypto pairs available to trade on WhiteBIT, with 40 of these boasting over 1Million trading volume daily.  Join us in creating a WhiteBIT account, and take part in upcoming giveaways and contests on the platform.


Swapp is happy to announce that Swapp Token will be the first (along with a few others) token listed on's Cronos chain when it launches November 8th because Swapp’s NFT platform will be the first to work on the Cronos chain. This is an exciting opportunity for our community to be apart of a brand new chain with tons of potential, and trade NFTs with almost no fees on the Swapp NFT platform if paid for in our native token.

But, because there will not be an immediate bridge to Cronos, and there will definitely be a lot of momentum as we are amongst the first tokens on-chain, we have decided to offer the public access to our Cronos chain token ahead of Cronos’ launch through a presale hosted on our site this Friday (October 29th). This presale will give you access to $Swapp at the lowest price it will ever be on this new chain, and save our community the hassle of attempting to buy in at launch with everyone else moving to the very highly publicized chain.

Cronos will not go live until November 8th, so we will be conducting the presale in BNB through our website to give our community the lowest fees possible when buying and avoid a gas war. A whitelist competition will be done to make sure we reward our most loyal community members with a guaranteed opportunity to get airdropped the token immediately on launch of the Cronos chain, but everyone will have a shot to buy into the presale after the initial whitelist sale is completed. We look forward to releasing more information and working more with our partner to make sure this launch goes as smoothly as possible.


CoinTelegraph: NFTs of empowered women aim to drive female engagement in crypto

The world of crypto has something of a testosterone imbalance. That is, most of the people involved in crypto are men. But women show more interest in getting into crypto than men, so women are a keen and lucrative market.

Some women artists have begun creating NFT projects to welcome fellow women into the crypto fold through NFTs.

Lavinia Osbourne is the founder of the community Women in Blockchain Talks. She believes NFTs may be a good entry point for women because of their focus on creativity.

“Learning new words such as DeFi, blockchain, and crypt wallets, much less understanding these terms, takes up a lot of energy and time. Art, on the other hand, is a lot more engaging. Many people may not understand what an ETF is and how it works, but they know art and they know how to be creative.”

Female artist, author, and activist Maliha Abidi created a project called “Women Rise,” a collection of 10,000 NFTs that features female activists, scientists, coders, and others. The project will launch at the end of November, and part of the proceeds will be donated to various charities.

A similar project called Boss Beauties sold out all 10,000 pieces in its collection in just 90 minutes, raising $5 million.

These art-focused NFT projects are a roundabout way of introducing more women into the larger world of crypto.


WRAL TechWire: First bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund could make crypto even hotter

First came the cowboys, then came the early adopters, and next came the retail and institutional investors. It’s those groups that collectively have helped make cryptocurrency what it is today (currently valued at around $1.6 trillion). But it was the retail and institutional investors who pushed crypto out of the margins and into the mainstream, piquing the interest of the average investor.

However, piqued interest isn’t enough for many average investors to take the leap into crypto investing. To many, the world of crypto investing is still too opaque to figure out. That was the case for many investors before the simple days; anyone can do it, investing methods we have today like ETFs. Once anyone could do it, a lot more of them started to!

That may be the case with crypto now that the first bitcoin futures ETF, The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, went live Tuesday. The fund “will provide an entry point for investors who are interested in cryptocurrencies but don’t want to deal with buying and selling the tokens themselves.”

When you see your family at Thanksgiving in a few weeks, Aunt Edna may be in the crypto game right along with you.

TechXplore: Celebrity crypto endorsers like Kim Kardashian spark concern for unwary investors

It’s been great to see how crypto is starting to gain mainstream acceptance. As large retail and institutional investors gave crypto investing their blessing in various ways, more and more average investors saw crypto as another asset class to add to a portfolio for additional diversification and a hedge against inflation.

We want more crypto investors, but we want them to be well-informed and to have done their own due diligence before making a crypto or any other investment. But what happens when you have celebrities rather than those in the world of banking, economics, and finance endorsing an investment? Especially a person as dubious as Kim Kardashian?

Kardashian will seemingly endorse anything from Silly Bandz bracelets to public bathrooms to diet pills as long as the check she gets has a bountiful amount of zeros at the end of it. More than one of her endorsements has ended in lawsuits.

Kardashian posted a paid advertisement on her Instagram stories in June for EthereumMax. According to a study, 1 in 5 respondents of 2,200 surveyed had heard about the ad and an astonishing 19% of that 1 in 5 invested in EthereumMax as a result of it!

To put it bluntly, those who blindly follow celebrity endorsements, particularly from Kardashian-type celebrities, may not be making the most informed decisions. Which isn’t a big deal when the endorsement is for something innocuous like a cosmetic product or clothing brand. But when it’s financial, that’s a different thing.

Scam artists have paid social media influencers to promote crypto coins that didn’t even exist! And some fail to disclose their endorsement is paid, something the SEC does not take lightly. Something Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled found out when the SEC charged them for failure to disclose paid endorsements of crypto investments.

Investing in crypto is no different from investing in any other asset; it’s up to investors to understand their investment. But some people are easily persuaded by what they see on Instagram. Apparently, even if it’s financial advice from a Kardashian. Ugh.


Daily Mail: TikTok star is shocked to discover Amazon has more than 3,000 recordings of her stored from her Echo speakers, as well as a list of her contacts and her LOCATION

When we think of data collection, we think of sites like Facebook and Google, but Amazon is in the game, too, as a data privacy campaigner found out. The woman whose user name is (great name!) asked Amazon to send all the data it has collected on her via her smart speakers and smart bulbs.

Amazon obliged, and the file contained a wealth of information, including thousands of audio clips and contact information for her friends, family, and colleagues taken from her phone, which she says she did not sync to her smart speakers. One file contained the exact coordinates for her home. Some of the folders sent were labeled ‘Alerts,’ ‘Answers,’ ‘Audio and Transition, ‘Shopping,’ ‘Video,’ and most chilling, ‘Routines.’

The TikToker said you can restrict the type of data Amazon can collect on you through Alexa devices within the apps that control them.

If you want to know what Amazon knows about you, you can make a request here. Do you really want to know? Maybe not, but I always say, “Curiosity killed the cat but the cat died knowing!”

Gizmodo: Facebook Plans to Change Its Name Because the Brand Is Absolutely Toxic

Does a rose by any other name still collect and sell your data? Facebook may be about to find out. Zuckerberg may announce next week at Facebook’s Connect conference that Facebook is changing its name. The alleged reason? To be seen as “more than a social media company,” but many feel it’s meant to distance the company from a series of scandals past and present that have made the brand “toxic” and “radioactive.”

According to reports, the rebrand would be limited to the parent company. Facebook would just mean Facebook the site and not an umbrella term for the entire company. The possible name is a closely guarded secret, but “Horizon” may be the new name or part of it.

Will a change in name distance Facebook from its many scandals? They certainly hope so.