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Mobile Apps and Browser Extension (Part 1)

Congratulations to all Swappians! We would like to thank all supporters for their patience and continued support. Finally, we are here at the point of releasing the first version of our SwappID mobile app and browser extension. This article will tell you the purpose of the SwappID and walk you through some of the main features of the SwappID.

What is Swapp and why the SWAPPID is important?

Swapp is a self-sovereign data marketplace that gives users ownership of their personal information. Swapp is changing how data companies work, we are giving power to the consumer. It is designed for privacy and to be permission-less, so you are able to control all your data and get paid when you want to sell it.


Swapp is the future of data. It's time to take control over what happens with your personal information.  Swapp will provide a decentralized marketplace that rewards you for the sale of your data!

We know how frustrating it is when someone else controls your money and identity. That’s why we created SWAPPID – so that no one could ever take away what belongs to you!

SwappID is a platform that allows users to create unified digital ID and verify their identity but stay anonymous while they are connecting to different GameFi, DeFi, and other Web3 platforms. A new way of identifying yourself without sacrificing your anonymity, SwappID makes sure trackers aren't following you from app to app with unwanted messages. Reduce the risk of having your identity stolen by centralized data aggregators like Facebook or mismanaged decentralized apps with poor security measures who don't care about protecting private user info! You can now choose which objective of privacy you want - maintain your privacy or profit from monetizing your data.

With SwappID, you can store all your digital assets in one place. You’ll never have to worry about losing access to your funds or to your digital assets again. Plus, with our decentralized ID system, you can verify yourself on any web3 platform without revealing who you are!

One tool you need is a digital ID that does not give your information away. This can help you stay anonymous, but still show your connections to different platforms. All of your digital assets are under one system.

SwappID is the ultimate solution for data privacy and an all-in-one ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts. We are the ecosystem that puts you in control.

With SwappID, you'll have one app that gives you access to all your wallets, lets you buy crypto with fiat, and provides easy access to other dApps. Plus, you can swap any crypto within your wallet across most chains!

In our current release you will be able to have an easy access dApps like Uniswap, OpenSea, Swapp staking, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, Yearn.Finance,, and AutoFarm. More dApps will be added to SwappID dAppCenter for you to utilize.

SWAPPID dAppCenter

SwappID Browser Extension

The SwappID browser extension provides the foundation for users to gain control over their data privacy and monetize their behavioral data. Currently, individuals' behavioral data, such as search history, buying behavior, interests, and many other data points that reveals your behavior patterns, are at the core of the data monetization industry, demanding the highest value on the open market. Now, through the use of the Swapp browser extension individuals' data will be packaged and prepared for the Swapp DMP (Data Management Platform) infrastructure. SwappID privacy features gives the user the ability to decide whether they want to monetize their data or keep their data private.

Here is How it Works.

Currently, when users browse the Internet, their data is bought and sold on the open market by a variety of companies that monitor the user's internet activity and customize targeted ads based on their behavioral data and preferences.

Finally, in SwappID dashboard users will not only be able to see all their behavior patterns and all digital footprint that they leave on the internet but also control and monetize it by turning on/off some features.

SwappID browser extension

SwappID Data Dashboard

SWAPPID Data Dashboard
SwappID Data Dashboard
SWAPPID Help Center
SwappID Help Center

Please do not forget that the SWAPP team is not just building a product that will serve our own needs, this is a personal mission for every and each of us who dedicated themselves to the mission and the vision that will give the users, you, THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE OVER YOUR DATA RIGHTS, that you never had before.

This is only the first release of SwappID apps and browser extension there are limited but very important features are going to be released. After this release we will be updating and releasing new features and tools regularly. We would like to appreciate you for your patience and continuous support.

Release Date is March 9, 2022. We are looking forward you to use and give us feedback.

Also, if you are the developer of a dApp or know of a dApp that we should look into adding to the expanding SwappID dAppCenter please fill out this form so that our team can review and get in contact.

More details coming soon. The Part 2 will dive into more details on benefits of each feature of the ecosystem.

To be continued...