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Q1 Swapp Initiative:

Protection promise. The SWAPP Team will be focusing our resources and all the force of our specialized team on the successful launch of our current masterpiece. The SWAPP ID application that will soon be available on Apple and Google Play. This will be the first of many technological accomplishments the SWAPP team will be releasing this year.

We are excited to announce that the SWAPP DEX will be taken over by a new operations team of highly successful developers and platform builders. This optimization of structure will make a positive impact on the SWAPP ID app & browser extension releases and the main goal here is for us to focus our attention on one and only purpose, to deliver our promise to the investors faster.

The original idea for developing the DEX was to provide utility to the SWAPP investors. As we have developed the technology behind SWAPP it has become apparent that the operation of a DEX is a time and resource consuming endeavor. This is why we feel that now is the best time to transition the continued operation and development to a team that is able to dedicate the necessary time and resources needed, thus freeing up resources needed to accelerate the development of SWAPP.

The new DEX will be launched on to the CRONOS blockchain. BuddhaX Finance will provide certain exclusive benefits for current $SWAPP holders as a part of our agreement.

As we make this massive improvement for our investors, the SWAPP FARMING will be phased out. This means there will be no more rewards and all investors who have provided liquidity have time to pull out their funds until the end of February. Regarding the liquidity we are in the process of deciding where it can be moved to temporarily. Of course we will accept only the best of the best for the SWAPP investors, ensuring we are able to keep growing the liquidity on CRONOS so that when BuddhaX Finance is up and live we can seamlessly migrate over to benefit from the exclusive incentives. Over the month of February, the teams are going to take time to integrate the SWAPP technology in to the BuddhaX Decentralized Exchange.

This is an exciting new opportunity for everyone, especially the SWAPP investors who will be presented with a new, decentralized exchange that will have better liquidity pools and expanded asset pairings. The deal for transfer includes exclusive incentives for SWAPP holders, such as 0% fee farming, whitelists on many projects, ILO opportunities from the first and only VC-funded crypto Incubator, NFT launches, airdrops, etc…

As a part of the process, please make sure to remove your liquidity from all pairs you were farming on SWAPP CRONOS DEX by 02/28/2022 at 11:59pm ET.

Thank you for you continued support in SWAPP, the next few weeks and months will be incredible