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Mobile Apps and Browser Extension - Part 2

First of all, happy international women's day to all women in our community, in our teams, and in our families! Happy March 8th!

Now let's get down to the business. I appreciate you for your patience and continues support of Swapp's vision and the mission. Which is to enable every person to take back the control of their own personal data and with it their future. Swapp has made it our own mission to protect your data rights and stand by you with our resources and tools to get back the control over your data to you.

As you already know whats happening in Ukraine by now, which started 5 days after we announced about the release of SwappID App and browser extension. Due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, members of the Swapp team in Ukraine are seeking shelter and safety for their families in a warring country. We will allow them time to get their families to safety and focus on their challenges, and our hearts go out to them as they face this extremely tragic situation.

Because of the current situation in the region several key members of the team were not able to work since February 24th to finalize all of the features we were intending to release. A few features may not be accessible upon release of the SwappID app due to conflict in Ukraine. We stay confident that this permits more time to focus on the normal debugging and optimizing processes that encompass the complex release of an iOS and android application.

Addition to this we had troubles with Apple App store approval again, in last 5 days we have submitted our app that we would like to release tomorrow 2 times for review/approval to app store. Still waiting answer from them because of it Apple mobile app release might be delayed until it's approved by Apple.

The feature in current release  

SwappID current release will be public alpha version of the ID, the beginning of the journey, and the start of practical implementation phase of the Swapp Vision.

SwappID - take the control back your data

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are going to include absolutely necessary features to lay the foundation of the Self Sovereign Digital ID that return the control back over your data to you.  

One important note for now SwappID will be invite only application, which means you need to be invited (by any SwappID user) in order you could join and use SwappID.

Current soft release features will include:

Personal Data Management, which includes collection and control of the user behavioral data via browser extension, youtube datapoint integration, and PII data ownership verification.

Multi-chain, Permissionless Crypto Wallet, which supports ERC-20, MATIC, and BSC mainnets and related test networks of mentioned chains.

Fiat-on-Ramp, SwappID has partnered with Transak, well known fiat-on-ramp payment processing platform to provide fiat-to-crypto and crypto to fiat  capability for its global community.  (Please note that currently US users wont be able to utilize this feature but Transak promises it soon will be available as they are going through getting appropriate licensing in USA.)

Know Your Customer (KYC) - SwappID has integrated with one of the world's top KYC and AML service provider, Jumio, to provide this service to our users.

Refer and Earn - As SwappID is invite only ID as I have mentioned above, this feature will reward you and your friend that you have invited each 5$ worth $SWAPP tokens as soon as invited person completes the KYC, which is the last step of full registration process.

All Your Digital Assets under one ID - in order you could control and monitor all your digital assets under your SwappID, now you will be able easily to import/register your other wallets in your SwappID by simply copy pasting your private key of your metamask or any other EVM compatible 3rd party wallet.

In the upcoming releases, we will release features like Dapp center, wallet connect, swap and send crypto, more data point connections and features.

SwappID Browser extension

Browser Extension

Browser extension that will be released in this release will be available for browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Edge, and other Chromium browsers.

In current release users will be able easily connect their browser extension directly to their digital id by simply scanning QR-code on browser extension.

Thank you for your patience, more amazing things coming soon. Stay tuned!