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Cronos Launch Cassini Test Net

CryptoSwapp Dex is in the process of deployment. There have been some issues the team has encountered with the Cronos chain & while trying to launch our Dex that we did not foresee, such as actually moving the CRO tokens from the Defi wallet onto Cronos. It has been over 24 hours and we are still waiting on all of our CRO liquidity to get added onto our wallet on Cronos. We are also ensuring the highest security standards and want to make sure we deploy the Dex with a multi-sig wallet (which is not available on Cronos so we've had to build our own custom solution) as the other Dex's have not done. We apologize for any delays and we should have everything finalized and deployed tomorrow and everybody's tokens will be airdropped as well.

How to test our the CryptoSwapp Dex on Cassini testnet

1) CryptoSwapp test net access:

2) Add Cassini to Metamask. Use this link and follow the instructions In the video:

3) Get TCRO (test CRO tokens) from faucet: Enter your address, fill out the captcha, and you will receive the CRO to your MetaMask wallet on the Cassini test net.

4) Request test Swapp tokens from the Swapp team. We will send It to your address directly. Please import this token into your MetaMask by clicking "Import" at the bottom of MetaMask, then go to custom and paste this address: 0x1a9b42fF571D221368E76E3396E0582Ab6FD0eB7

5) Add a liquidity pair

6) Supply the liquidity

7) Test swaps to and from CRO and Swap test token (or your other test tokens)

Please note: analytics will not be working right now, we are working on this actively as the GraphQL on Cronos is different than on the other chains so our technical team is developing a way to show the analytics.

Thank you for your understanding and we are deploying all of our resources and time to make sure this launch is successful.