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SwappID App Beta Release Tutorial

Hello Swappians! Congratulations and thank you for being a part of the Swapp Beta Release. This tutorial will walk you through how to test the Swapp Beta App starting from downloading the application, supplementing your wallet with fake tokens, walking you through all of the features, and reporting any bugs you encounter. We encourage every participant to follow these steps in order to seamlessly go through the process without encountering any issues. There are videos and images throughout as well as a tutorial video at the bottom of the blog in case you get stuck anywhere.

How to download the app - Iphone Users

You will receive an email titled "SWAPPID has invited you to test SWAPPID." You will need to download test flight from the following URL:

Test Flight, is an application made for beta testing applications on Iphone. Only invited users can download the application. Once you have Test Flight downloaded, enter the application and you should see the Swapp app. Go ahead and download the application.

How to download the app - Android Users

You will receive an email from SwappID with instructions on how to download the application. The URL in the email will direct you directly to where you can download the application from. There will be an "APK" it stands for Android Package. You can just click on download and you will get a popup, once on that screen, click install and just follow the steps. This should download the application on your phone.

Create your SwappID

Create or Import

Once the application is downloaded, you will have two options: "Create your Swapp" or "Import Account." If you have not created your Swapp ID already, click on "Create your Swapp." This will take you to the registration screen. Here you will need to choose if you want to verify your account through your email or phone number just like any other application. Once you enter your details you will receive a verification code. Enter that code and your account is now verified!

Create your username

Next, you need to pick a unique username that you would like to use as part of your SwappID. Do not worry, you will be able to change this username in the settings section of the app.

Setting your password

Furthermore, you will need to create a password for your account.  Make sure to save this password as you will not be able to recover it. The only way you can recover or reset your password is by importing your account again which we will cover in the next section. This password will be used when you logout or occasionally when you have a "timeout" meaning you haven't used the application in a while and will need to re sign-in using your password.

This password will only work on this current device that you have downloaded your SwappID on. Similarly to MetaMask, when you create or import your account, that password is saved for that device and won't work on another device. Your account is basically stored on your device. If you want to have SwappID on multiple devices, you will have to reimport it on a new device.  

Create your passcode

After you have set your password, you will need to set a passcode. Unlike the password, the passcode is used anytime that you leave the application. This ensures the safety of your wallet in case someone gets a hold of your phone, they will need to enter your passcode or Face ID to enter the application.

Here you can set your FaceID which will be at the bottom left of the screen and then you can set your passcode in case Face ID does not work. Verify your passcode and voila, your passcode is set.

Congratulations. You have now opened the gates to the Secret Recovery Phrase screen.

Secret Recovery Phrase  

As with any crypto wallet, you will receive a secret recovery phrase that is randomly generated. I cannot emphasize this enough, COPY THIS RECOVERY PHRASE AND STORE IT SOMEWHERE SAFE. You can write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a bank vault or encrypt it and save it somewhere on an encrypted cloud storage that only you can access. If you choose the latter, make sure your decryption key is also safely stored.

Once you have this copied, go ahead and click "next" and select the keywords in order. Click confirm. You will get a popup screen with "Congratulations" and now you can proceed to use the app.

Importing Account

To import your account you will need to have access to your 12 keyword recovery phrase. Type all of the words in order followed by spaces and each word should get saved in an box. Once you enter all 12 keywords click next and your account should be imported. You can now set a new password for this account and begin to use the application.

Terms of Service - Final Step  

You will need to accept the Terms and Services of the application in order to start using the app. I encourage you to give it a read through and then check both boxes and click next.

You're done creating your account!

Verify your account

At the bottom of the home screen, there is a button titled "Verify your account." Click on it and you will get taken to a screen which will allow you to select what kind of document you want to scan: Passport or Driver License. Pick either or and scan the document clearly. Once you scan the document, it will ask you to scan your biometrics (face). After that it should give you a success message that you're verified or an error message stating the error. If it's an error, it is most likely due to one of the documents or your face not being clear.

This is Swapp's KYC (know your customer) identity verification. This is used for compliance purposes and is one of the main components of this application (I will explain below). Once you pass KYC, our KYC provider will verify that you are not a criminal suspected of money laundering. THIS DATA IS NEVER SHARED AND YOU REMAIN FULLY ANONYMOUS. Your data is your business, once you have have passed KYC, we remove your documents from our KYC provider and those documents are hashed and put on the blockchain attached to your SwappID. Only you have access to those documents.

Having KYC gives Swapp many advantages. One, we are able to integrate with other Dapps where if KYC is needed, you won't need to go through it again. Two, we will be able to issue as assortment of financial and other products for our users once those products are ready, while being fully compliant. There are other use cases which we will cover later in future blogs and announcements.


Referrals will not work in this release as this release has only a select group of people, therefore even if you refer somebody, you will not get a referral bonus since they cannot download the app, yet. Referrals will be fully functional in release v1.0.

Swapp wallet

How to acquire test tokens into your Swapp Wallet

A video explainer is below this paragraph on how to add test tokens to your Swapp Wallet.

You will not be able to acquire test tokens directly in your SwappID wallet. You will need a MetaMask account for this step. This step is only required on Swapp Beta due to it being on a test network and this step will not be needed once we are on main net.

Start by supplementing your MetaMask wallet with Eth from the Kovan test network faucet at this URL:

Make sure your network is on the Kovan network (at the very top of MetaMask there is a selection to switch networks).

Once you receive your Eth, you can now swap it for the other tokens using MetaMask at this link: Please make sure you only use the tokens that are provided below as the test network only accepts specific tokens. Therefore, adding other tokens on the wallet won't work.

UNI - 0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984
DAI - 0x4f96fe3b7a6cf9725f59d353f723c1bdb64ca6aa
WETH - 0xd0a1e359811322d97991e03f863a0c30c2cf029c
BAT - 0x1f1f156e0317167c11aa412e3d1435ea29dc3cce
ZRX - 0xccb0f4cf5d3f97f4a55bb5f5ca321c3ed033f244

Once you have these tokens in your MetaMask account, go ahead and send these to your SwappID wallet address. Make sure you send Eth to your SwappID as you need to pay gas fees in order to send transactions.

Adding custom tokens in your SwappID wallet

To see tokens within your SwappID wallet, you will need to add them. Click on the Swapp Card on the home screen and this will take you inside the wallet. Once you're on this screen click on "add token." Next, click on "custom token" and paste the address of one of the tokens in the list above. Click on "next" and then click on "add tokens" at the bottom of the screen.

***Note*** the Swapp total balance will shows $0.0 if there is no Eth in your account. In the future releases we will have two balances there: your Swapp balance as well as your entire portfolio balance.


Our Dapp section currently consists of the Swapp Dapp and Uniswap. Currently we do not have wallet connect enabled directly within the app so you will not be able to connect your wallet to these Dapps from your mobile phone. This will be in the v1.0 release.


The user settings have a few functionalities. you will be able to change your username, verify your identity, change your password, enable Face ID, look at the privacy policy, and log out of the application.

Reporting Bugs

As this is a Beta Release, expect there to be some bugs especially due to the fact that there will be a large variety of devices that users are using. We implore you to use this feature to report all of the bugs that you find within the application whether they are UI bugs, functionality issues, suggestions, or if you have general questions.

There is a floating white icon that you will see on your screen. If you encounter any bugs you can click on this icon and it will pull up a "New Ticket" screen. Select the ticket type: bug report, improvement suggestion, or questions. Enter the email that you used for the app (if you used your phone number just enter the email to contact you on if any more information is needed). Once you submit the ticket, our internal team will review the report and address the issue.

Thank you Swappians

The Swapp Team wants to thank you whole heartedly for being patient while we develop this app. Even though this is only a beta with bare bone functionality, this app is now ready to have continuous releases with a broad scope of functionalities that will be rolled out in increments called sprints. We want to thank all of the participants in the Swapp Beta Release for putting time and effort to help us improve the application.

Tutorial of SwappID